Great smart phone applications You must know

Smart phones are the key for your digital life’s when you have it then you are on the high stage in digital life’s arena. Smart phones are the phones where you can get multifunctional facilities – Yes we all know how multifunctional smart phones are? So do you know the task of smart phones well? I hope so but i have to admit that when work needs to be done i smartly done it with the smart device which is a huge distraction for finishing task.

Here take a look how you will turns your smart phones more functional and all are applications are absolutely free for you.

Android:Astrid Tasks: If you are looking for freeware tools that performs for feature -rich to do list app which helps you stay on top of your day to day chores.
You can search and filter through your tasks to sniff out the desired one. So for free applications tools this is a bless to you.

Blackberry:Txtlater:If you are always need to recalls your message to reply txtlater can come to your rescue. You can sheudule your Sm’s and email to sent them in a later time when you may be forget to sent it. lets say if you have a big business deal but the time you need to remember you can set this remind you or any special day for meet with someone spacial that you always slip out. when its time, a reminder prompt will appear on mobile screen.

windows7:Noborizaka:If you play games or like to play games noborizaka adds a game play element to task completion that means you can reach goals by accumulating time to get work done. You can set up your earning points which calculate your spending time for doing it. The longer you keep it the more points you gain.

Symbian:Time chime Lite:This application has come from nokia ovi store which will rescue you to track your time for finishing task in right time. It will alert you by playing hourly and quarter – hourly chimes. You can select sounds which you like to hear best for alerting you.

IOS:Dragon Dictation: Its a text to speech converter tools which saving your time for typing keyboard and hassle of word spelling after finish you can edit the whole process and send it by email or make a status update which ever you like. Simply speak to your apples ios device and this will convert to text you can translate your words if you need by the applications but this tools will never give you all the time 100% accurate text as you expect. So every time may be it will not give you perfect transcription even though its a great alternative for speech recognition devices.

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