How to add image with signature Most Easily in Gmail

Hi, In online most of the user like to use GMail. Its a very popular free web mail service that is giving tremendous support to the Internet user. Last week i receive a email from my friends jack, he sent me the mail with Image and signature. Then i was looking for it How to add image with signature most easily in Gmail.
Lastly i have found its a very easy method to do. Today i am gonna show you how to add image and signature at the end of the Gmail letter. Lets see

How to add image and Signature in Gmail?


To add Signature: First of all You have to go to your Gmail Account  then click on labels > Manage labels Click general Now here marked on Signature and click save changes.As picture shown below: N.B. While you add signature, write down your desire Name and  link which you want to submit with your Email.

To add Image:Go to Labs >Click Enable > Inserting Images then click save changes as picture shown below:

Now Go to Compose and write email after completed email , you will see the desired signature and link will be pop up now from the compose nav bar select image box then browse your desired image which you want to add at the end of the mail. As picture shown below:


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