How to block any user from facebook?

This is very much popular now a days having social media websites for meeting with friends like as facebook, twitter, myspace etc.This kind of social media sites like face book has a lot of fan ,friends user.I also like to feel having a face book account and yes sure must having a lot of friends.But some time some friends can be annoying or disturbing to you. so some time we feel to block this I am going to talk about one most important tip about blocking user in after reading this post you can able to block your disturbing friend very easily.

here we go please follow this step to do that :

step 1.log in to face book then go to account tab on privacy settings 

step3.then just go to the Block list then click edit block 

step4.Now you will see the block list user page will be shown just give the desire name or email address which friends you want to block .Then you are done.

Author:faridul islam

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