How to delete all facebook post from timeline?

How to delete all facebook post from timeline? Guys, whats up, Are you very old facebook user. You may using facebook for many years and months. There are huge numbers of status update in your time line.Might have a lot of post in your facebook time line? too.
Would you like to clean up your old post from facebook?

How to delete all facebook post from timeline?

I want to delete all my facebook  stories from my timeline? Is it possible? Yes you can really do that using fabebook activity log. Just go to timeline pages and on right upper corner you will see activity log.

Why I need to clear my post from Timeline?

Since February 2004 you may using facebook and so far you have spend a lot of time in facebook thus facebook time line can become full of post and various status update, video, pictures, note etc so that means you can stumble on many message and status update, to clear your timeline may give you ease scrolling your stories that developed since you are using facebook upto now. So if you don’t like to keep some uninterested stories form timeline then you can use timeline activity log. This is a update feature of new facebook timeline. So guys i hope you may realize the using of activity log and try not to mess up your timeline pages with unnecessary facebook post . Do customize your post, status update and others thing using activity log now. You can delete all old facebook post using activity log or keep if you like to keep any as your favorite stories. So all upto you and facebook activity log will give full control of your facebook .

The new facebook time line features will guide you to delete all your facebook activity. You need to use facebook activity log. It can be seen in your own facebook time line page. Remember that only admin or original user only can use activity log. From time line page found that at the top right hand side have a option name is activity log. Just click on it. Now you will see all your facebook activity starting to display from the start up to until now. Now you can customize yourself by selecting which Post you want to keep or want to delete by giving check mark using mouse . After that just apply the task. You can see a nice facebook activity log using video from this below :
 for more info visit: and then type on search box: activity log or

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