How to disable or Enable USB port in windows 7

Hi guys, In my last post i wrote how to control storage device? I wrote for windows xp but if you don’t have windows xp? or currently most of the user are going to change OS.  They are most of them now using new OS windows 7. So if we want to disable pen drive in windows 7 how should we proceed? you can learn from here just follow me today in this post i am gonna discuss about that. So lets start:
Firstly go to Run options in windows 7. Now if you never see the run command may be you will fall in confused where is the run command gone.
Never mind if you want to get back the Run command in start menu options just follow this:
Go to
1.Task bar and start menu properties
2.Click the start menu tab then click customize
3.Now at the list of the start menu options select the run command check box. OK.
5.The run command now can be displayed at the right side of the start menu.
Okay you have got the run command ready if you don’t want to get back it just press windows logo + R then you can see the run command also. Never mind you will use your computer system as you like. I have given here the choice only any one you can choose here.

How to disable or  Enable  USB port in windows 7

Okay 1. Now at the run command type “Regedit”
2.It will open the registry editor of windows 7
3.After opening registry edit browse the following path in right side bar of registry editor.Go to
4.Then right click on the registry “start” which is marked in red color in the below screenshot of registry editor

5.Right click on start and click modify
To enable Usb port :change the value from 4 to 3
To disable usb port :change the value from 3 to 4
6.Now you can disable or enable your usb port of your computer.
Enjoy full control of your usb pendrive in windows 7.

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