How To Hide Facebook Friends List From Others?

Recently  Facebook has made a lot of changes. The very first privacy settings is now set for what all facebook users want to. What ever you like to do in facebook now is matter of  touching in settings pages and you are very well to go.
For example if you like to control everything from your profile and set everything in your choices then you are really   free to go. What kinds of thing you like to do in facebook? Stop getting notification from unknown source, turn off chat, or turn off chat from specific person, hide status, photos etc everything you can control in your facebook profile. But what if you like to hide your friends list from others? So that nobody can see how many facebook friends in your friends list?

How To Hide Facebook Friends List From Others?

It can be done so very easily. So if you like to hide facebook friends list from your profile you can do it right away. Here is the tips how to hide facebook friends from others?
First of all Log in to

1.Give your user name
3.sign in to Facebook
Now go to Your Facebook Time line
Now Click on Friends . Here on the left click find friends button and you can see Edit option Just click on there

and finally you will see Edit Privacy .

Just click on that and you will find a dialogue box saying “Edit Privacy”
Friends list
Then Just select friends list as only me.
If You don’t select only me then all others facebook user will view your friends list on the other hand for choosing only me .. You are the only person who can see facebook friends list.
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