How to hide Hard disk Drive for privacy?

May be you know how to hide a file or folder but do you know how to hide a hard disk drive? Do you ever hide a hard disk drive?
There are so many reasons have for hiding Hard disk drive.Lets say, You have such kind of documents on your hard disk which you don’t want to show others 

That is only for you.You don’t want to share with others.For this reason you can follow me…

What should I do to hide Hard disk drive?

Firstly go to start menu > Run
Type diskpart
press Enter Now you type list volume and press Enter

A  picture  will pop up as shown above :
Now if you want to hide (g) drive so select volume 5 and press enter
then type remove letter g and press enter
a message Disk part remove will be shown.
If you restart your pc you can see that drive g is hidden.

Now how to get back my hidden drive again?

its very simple.Follow same process .only type “assign letter g” instead of “remove letter g”other thing would be
you will get back your hidden hard drive again.

Use GMail as a hard disk drive

Author:faridul islam

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