How to Hide Whats app Online status Most effective Method

Do you like to Hide your online status in whats app messenger ? You might have been going through all options and install so many  apps but none of these become successful to you. 
The Normal whats app setting which is given in its update versiion is not working . I have just tested it after changing the privacy settings to who can see you last seen to nobody but it’s not working.
I have found one apps called Hide online in whats app. Which is more effective than others apps.
The method which I have found in android platform for all phone models should be working and its very easy to start and closed the service.
The problem which I like to mention here in this method while you like to open whats app messenger it will automatically off the data and it will take you offline.
So every time when you will open whats app messenger you can not stay online.
But without opening whats app you can keep internet connection and can proceed using internet without any problem.
So How do you send messages and receive messages after install this app ?
When someone will send you message in whats app you can still see the notification on top of the phone notification bar. You can read the message after opening whats app too but at that moment you have to stay offline.
On the other hand When you like to send messages to someone just type your message and click send button. It will be sending at the background while whats app will detect internet connection again.
So thus you can send any data or message even staying offline in what’s app.
This app will off the connection automatically while it detects you are on whats app messenger. And as soon as you close the whats app the internet connection will auto enable wthin ten seconds.
So if you think this way you can hide your online status while staying online from your whats app friends and it never bother your communication with your friends then feel free to use this app.
On the other hand if you need to use whats app frequently and you can’t disable internet connection then you can block the person whom do you like to Hide specific ally.
But at this moment there is no effective method has been found in online which will hide whats app online status as well as keep your internet connection alive.
You can try other method but none of the method working for me and I personally using this method in my Android phone and its working fine.
How to install this app ?
Go to Google play store and type
Hide online in whats app
You can see number of apps install from the apps which is by
Binary Ray applications
And after installing you just need to tap on start service nothing much . You are ready to Hide in online. And you can stop the service if you don’t need to Hide yourself anymore just tap on stop service at the red column.
Here is the picture given below…
So I hope you can effectively hide your online status using whats app without any problem.  Feel free to share if you found any other effective method which can be use to Hide online status while using whats app messenger.
Thanks for reading.

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