How to Log in Facebook More than one Account at One Browser?

We know that Facebook is the largest social network sites in the world. In recent time there is none who never use Facebook. Almost all kinds of educated people are using this sites for their own need. On the other hand Facebook has become a large platform for advertising.
There are so many people who have multiple Facebook accounts. Although it is very hard to log in Facebook more than one account in same time but, many people like to have too many Facebook accounts. To log in other Facebook account, You have to log out and then log in again using another log in ID. So that means you have to log out first from your existing id then log in again with other. You cant stay online in same time with two accounts. Or may be for using another account, you are to use too many browser to do so. Okay, there is a lot of problem to log in multiple Facebook Accounts. Well today in this post i am gonna show you

How to Log in Facebook More than one Account at One Browser?


You know at present mostly all browser have private browsing option. By enable this option you can log in multiple Facebook Account. When private browsing is enable you can enter new window mode while browser never save any URL, cookie or cache. How to use in Opera:First of all log in Facebook as per normal method . Now to log in 2nd Account go to Tabs and windows click on New Private Tab and log in another Facebook account.

How to use in Google chrome:Here also same normal ways log in Facebook for the first account. Now to log in 2nd account click on“New Incognito Window” as shown the picture below:

And log in 2nd Facebook account. How to use in Mozilla:This method does not work in Mozilla. But Mozilla has some special interface which people likes so much and still many people are using it. So how to log in multiple Facebook in Mozilla ? To log in multiple Facebook account in Mozilla ,You have to install one add ons to FireFox. Here is the link to install it : After install this addons restart FireFox. After that normally log in Facebook account as per normal method for the first account. And now then for the 2nd Facebook account click “File” then “New Identity Profile” as picture shown below:

Now log in 2nd Facebook account as well. Enjoy.

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