How To Protect USB Flash Drive With Password Without Any Software

Hi guys whats up? Are you looking for locking or protecting your Usb flash drive ? Its very essential to lock our usb flash drive to protect our personal file such as documents, movies, pictures etc So you are thinking to find out third party software to do that. No need to use any software to lock or protect your usb thumb drive.
Today i am gonna show you

How To Protect USB Flash Drive With Password Without Any Software

Lets take a look this tutorial: In online you may  find a lot of software for locking or protecting your usb flash drive. But why you will pay some money for doing that? If you can lock or protect usb flash without any software then why do you need that ? So lets try to lock or protect usb flash drive folder without any software 100% working. For locking a Usb flash drive  folder by this process you have to create a bat file first. After creating this bat file, when you double click on it a new locker folder will be automatically created. So whatever you want to locked or make password protected just cut and paste in this folder. Lets start: 1.Open a notepad 2.Insert this code here.

If the code could not be copied download from here to download the lock code.Guys i hope you have successfully download the code. Now after getting the code save this code in the usb flash drive. You have to save it by giving any name with .bat format . For example we save the file as locker.bat Take note while you save this file into flash drive choose any password by replacing “type your password here“that you want to use . As the picture shown below:

Now if any file you wanna password protected just select it and double click the locker bat file. while you double click on it another folder is called locker will be automatically open . Now just drag and drop all your documents at locker folder. After that go to locker.bat and open it again now it will ask you to lock the locker drive just press Y then You will be prompt to give your password. Just give the password which you select at the locker .bat file saving time. For example while we save this locker bat file we did set the password was 12345 Now we will enter 12345 After that you can see the locker folder has vanish. Now all your documents has been password protected. Now if you want to get back the file again just double click on locker folder and it will ask you to give password . So enter the password and you can see locker folder has shown to you again. Here one thing i must say that anybody can access the password by click locker.bat file on Edit mode. So you have to hide this locker.bat file too. How to hide it ? Right click on it and go to properties after that select hide check box then you will see this locker file is hidden too. well, how to unhidden this locker.bat again? Go folder options from control panel Here it is how:Control panel>Control PanelAppearance and Personalization> and select Folder options >ViewHere give check mark at show hidden files and folders and drive At last choose apply. Now you can see the locker.bat file again.

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