How To Search Smartly on Google ?Google Search Tips

Internet is related with Search.Mostly people like to go on online for search something.But Do you know how to search smartly or most effectively?There are so many search engine in Internet but which is the best search engine to you?There is no doubt to say that Google is the best search engine in Internet.But a common complain for Google is that “what i am searching Exactly on google i cant find” ?Please try to  understand Google is not a human being.Its simply a search Engine.You can get better results from Google if you use some searching tricks.I am gonna share some searching tips here .I hope it will be helpful to you.

01:First tip:How to disable windows automatic update? Don’t search this way.You search windows+automatic+update+disable .You will get good results.

02:May be you are looking something in any specific websites then search like this :keyword+site say you are looking to me in Facebook so

03:If you wanna get any download link then type:Keyword+inurl:.Ex: To download gtalk type:gtalk+inurl:download

04.To know details of anything then search like this:intitle:keyword.Ex.intitle:best Internet browser
05:If you want to search any places weather then write :weather:place know the weather of Dhaka type :weather:Dhaka

06:Wallpaper Search :go to google image search .click on advanced tab besides image. Type at first box type your wallpaper names (ex.sea beach) then type use my desktop search and press google search.

07:Search  using  synonym you can use ~ .Ex.  you want to search house and its related something (home,housing,floor)so you type [best~house]

08:Calculator:you can use google as calculator.ex.Type 256*121 Google will show you its results.

09:when you type then its shows automatic right? (for Bangladesh only ) but whose pc don’t have Bangla Unicode set up they may see only box so to see use this address
10:Google shows only 10 results in one page.but using this link  you can see 20 search results. pdf , doc etc file search only.

11.Book Search:To search book you can use google book search.But to get bangla book follow this link :[free banglaebook download]
12.If you don’t want to type full address in address bar then you can use this tricks specially in MozillaFireFox we can set address very first and easily.Using this tricks  you no need to type http://www. and *.com, *.org, *.net all the time before web address and after web address.

#System for .com


EX: At address bar  Type google only then press  Ctrl+Enter.

#System for .net


EX: At address bar type only  google and press  Shift+Enter

#system for .org


EX:At address bar type only google then press Ctrl+Shift+Enter

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