How to set Automatically features Image In WordPress

How to set Automatically features Image In WordPress

Automatically generated featured images

Most of the times while writing new posts for blog you might had given or added features image manually from the wordpress dashboard .

But what if you don’t set any features image for your post and wordpress automatically do it for you ?

Yes from now on you don’t have to set it . You can have post thumbnail or features image in your posts automatically with auto¬† post Thumbnail plugin .

Not only you can set features image automatically but also you can set it for all of the past posts which was not set before .

So that means it is very handy and useful plugin for you.

You know that without features image for posts like very unattractive and users not get well enough idea from the posts .

Featured images can add extra beautifulness to the posts and readers can find more interest to read the article.

So let’s get started

How to add automatically features image to WordPress posts using plugin

Go to your WordPress plugin dashboard . Click add new and search for auto post Thumbnail

You will see the plugin will appear from the first line . In any case if you can’t see it from the first line just installed by author names this plugin author names is creativemotion. You can see the images above¬† for your clarification .

Click install and activate. After activation go to settings and choose your preferred option which you like to set . For example you can set all posts from the past to add features image or set future posts to generate features image from the first images to the post.

For you we have installed this plugin to our blog and activate it .

We have set Automatically features image from the settings. Now let’s see how it works.

For testing purposes we have added a simple images from this plugin.


After activation and using auto post Thumbnail plugin you will get less times to writing and preparing for your WordPress posts . It will save your time. If you get automatically generated featured images after using this plugin let us know from comments below. And don’t forget to subscribe our blog to get new article . We will be pleased to solve your all wordpress issues and will write about your concern.

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