How To Set Up Windows Xp And Windows 7 From Bootable Pendrive

Do you know that many people have mini  netbook ?  And now it’s quite hard to set up windows for mini  netbook due to it has no  CD-ROM or DVD facilities. Don’t worry if you have mini laptop and now you want to set up windows xp or windows 7 in it then i highly recommend you to read this post. .
From this post we will gonna discuss how to set up windows xp from a bootable pendrive not only xp but also windows 7 you can set up from your mini notebook.
First of all lets start

How to set up windows xp from bootable pendrive?

Here what we need is to make a bootable pen drive and a fresh original windows xp CD but how to create a bootable pendrive here we see :

To make your flash pendrive bootable you need to install  a software which is called win to flash this is a beta version  never mind , by installing this you can create flash drive bootable.
Lets download it from here. Now open it and insert the flash drive make sure your flash drive is fat32 format. Now find the destination win xp CD drive connect it and click start the process will begin and within a few minutes you can get a bootable xp flash drive. Now using this drive you can set up any mini netbook which have no cd rom more over you can set up any PC from this flash drive. But before installing from flash drive what should you need to do is create a first boot from removable from bios settings some older pc don’t have support removable boot option so you have to check it carefully.
Now after insert your flash drive restart your computer and automatically it will boot from removable drive. After that do your regular task for set up Windows xp as your requirement of pc.
Now lets check

How to set up windows 7 from a bootable pendrive?

It’s not so tough though. From windows 7 you can do it pretty easily. To make windows 7 bootable usb you must have windows 7 OS and download windows sbb tool its a freeware and small utility to create a bootable usb just install and select your windows 7 ISO files. one thing it doesn’t support ISO files so what you have to do is to convert ISO files to their independent folder.

Download Windows 7 SBB Tool 1.0.

P.S .Net Framework 4.0 is required

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