How to Use Facebook Chat in Firefox Sidebar

Today I am going to talk about a very small tips ,How to use face book chat on Firefox side bar.

Its pretty cool to use face book chat .
I was looking for this shortcut tips to use face book chat option even without log in to face book

After searching I ve got the tips to share all of my face book lovers that how to chat with face book with firefox sidebar while online browsing

Here’s I ve got the solution.At least it will allows all of my face book lovers to send Instant message to online face book contacts.

Here Dear my cool face book users can chat on face book even left face book page.

Its very interesting to have a fun with chat on the Firefox chat bar at the bottom of the page
Even you don’t log in home page of face book

Here’s is the tips given below its very simple.If you are using Firefox ,you can place the face book chat option at the Firefox side bar


please open your Firefox Bookmarks on the top navigation of page.and select organise Bookmarks.


now click bookmarks tab and enter this following :

name:facebook chat


check load this bookmarks in sidebar.


open Firefox sidebar ,click face book chat and start chatting with your face book contacts within Firefox.

Author:Faridul islam

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