How to use Gmail drive as Your Personal Storage Drive

Hi guys I am very sorry for making late post. I was thinking what kinds of article i should write to and finally i have decide that how it would be if i write about Gmail drive. Gmail is the free web mail service which is giving more than two gigs free space. So why don’t you think that you can use or utilize this free space facilities making your personal online storage drive?

How to use Gmail drive as Your Personal Storage Drive

Yes its time for you to do so. You can use Gmail drive for your personal storage drive. what is GMail drive? Gmail drive is a simple shell extension program which allow to create a virtual online storage drive in your PC. First of all you have to install it. Download Gmail drive.  After install you can see a GMail drive icon in your PC.

Now its very simple to store any file in gmail drive. just drag and drop it to GMail drive folder. It will be open as windows explorer with nothing. For the first time as you have nothing store in it, You can see a large empty space. Now you can use it as your personal drive. While for the first time you need to log in with your Gmail account. Same as you log in gmail. For storing files there is a limitation. you can not store more than 10mb. but if you have no problem with storing small size of file then it should not bother you at all. Every time when you have upload or store a new file you will get a link message with the file name in inbox with gmailfs. so that means for storing many files you will find that your inbox will be mess up with others email message. So what you need to do now is just create a filter in gmail that will be use for your gmail drive. So create a new label with the name of gmail drive.  Go to left corner of your gmail scroll down to at last see the more option click on it. You will find at the last step is create a new label. Just click on it. And you can easily create a new label. Give the label name as Gmail drive. Lets take a look

How to create a filter in Gmail?

log in your gmail. Go to inbox. If you store any file in gmail drive already then you will see the file in inbox with gmailfs message as subject. Select the file and open it go the right hand corner to select more option. Now select create filter message with this message. A new dialogue box will Appear. Type gmailfs at the subject box and now click on create filter with this search.

Another new dialogue box will appear. Now give check mark at inbox,mark as read and select the label as gmail drive.and click on create filter. A new filter will be successfully created.

Now when you will sent any file to gmail drive it will automatically place to Gmail drive folder .
So guys you have successfully created gmail drive for your personal computer. You can access this drive from any places around the world. Just what you need to access this storage file is a valid gmail account only. If you have gmail account then why you are waiting for ? just try Gmail drive.

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