How to use Google +1 button in Blogger and WordPress Blog ?

Recently google has launched a new Tools to find and share Blog to the people more easily on search engine. So that’s why it is very important to know how to use it on Blog. Here today I am gonna show you how to use Google+ 1 on Blogger and wordpress

How to use in Blogger :

In blogger it is very simple to use. Just use it by
Enable share button on blogger
Design > page elements on your blogger dashboard , Find the blog posts area , click on edit and select “the show share button” options
You can use google + button on your post below or top . If you want to use it on post title follow this step below:
Back up your Template first.
Go to Design > Html > click:Expand widget
Find the following code in your HTML:<data:post.body/>

Now paste this below code after or before  <data:post.body/>

If you can not copy the code.Please Download the code from this link
After paste this code save your Template. Or you can configure the size of google + image by configure the code here is given below:

Configure button 
You can configure by changing the attributes in line 5. 
Select the size of button by replacing the value of  size attribute with a value from the table below.
Configure button
You can configure by changing the attributes in line 5.

* Select the size of button by replacing the value of size attribute with a value from the table below.


* You can remove the count by changing the value of count attribute from true to false.

# Button repositioning
The code above positions the button on bottom left of each post. You can change the positioning if you wish.

* Position it on top of post
Place the button code before (instead of after) .
* Position it on the right
Change the float in line 4 from left to right.

# Displaying button on static pages
The code above doesn’t display the button on static pages. To make it appear on static pages as well, remove the conditional tag -code line 2 and 8.
# Preview before saving. 

How to use Google + 1 button in word press blog?

In word press it is very easy to use too. You have to use it as installing plugins without pasting any code or writings code in manually. Here i am gonna show you two methods are given below:
method 1:
Installing plugins: You have to go to your wordpress dashboard then go to plugins page search for new plugins type the name “Google Plus One Button: You can find the plugins and install it then configure it after install by going to the settings options as you want to appear on your wordpress blog.

Manually install in Thesis Theme:

Go to the Custom function.php file and paste this below code :

function googlebutton(){
&lt;div class="gbutton">
&lt;script type="text/javascript" src="">&lt;/script>
&lt;g:plusone size="medium">&lt;/g:plusone>

Replace the size=”medium” by the size that you want to choose. See the above figure to know about the size.
Add this in your custom css. if you want to float it in right side
. custom .gbutton { float:right; padding-left: 5px;}

Now click on Big save as Button
You are done.

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