How To Write Bangla In Any web pages

Hi guys, I never know very few days ago How to write bangla in any webpages.I have seen a lot of time in facebook bangla writing by others.Yesterday one of my friends asked me to know how he can write bangla in Facebook?Actually not only facebook but also all webpages.So that’s why i was looking for a easy solution for this and i have found a solution .Today i am gonna share you How to type bangla in any webpages even you no need to type in Bangla?How is it possible? Yes, you no need to type any bangla but you can write in Bengali.Okay let me tell you how you can write bangla in Facebook or any other webpages?
This method is called web version method.I am giving here this solution now.

How To Type Bangla In Facebook Or Any webPages?

Its pretty much simple

If you are using Mozilla FireFox then You have to go this website …here is the link is a new invention by Microsoft corporation.We should give thanks to Microsoft.This is called Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool.You can use this tool to write bangla in any microsoft applications or any webpages.This is very easy method to write bangla in webpages.How to write bangla in any webpages?Okay now go to this pages you can see so many options i use Mozilla FireFox so just drag it to my Bookmarks tools and this is done.

Or you can right click and just bookmarked it. Now when you open Facebook or any other webpages just select the bookmarked and start typed bangla.You no need to type any bangla key just write in English it will automatically redirect to bangla.Here is a example …


When you select the bangla bookmarked and start writing in English a  mode button    picture will appear besides writing in bangla.You no need to type bangla it will automatically redirect to bengali word For example, when you type “satyajit”, the default option is

So that’s it.You can learn more specific options to write bangla correctly visiting this web pages.This is a web version method.You can  install to write bangla in offline also to write in offline mode you have to install desktop version from Bangla in Offline.I hope you can type bangla now more freely.Enjoy
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