How to write unique content for blog ?

Hi guys, I hope all of you continuously reading my blog. Recently while browsing I have found something for searching how to write unique content for blog?You may know, now blogging is very popular and if you are a blogger, you must be  aware of it that how much tough to write an unique content for blog.Okay never mind for writing unique content today i am gonna share some tricks to you.You know i am not a expert blogger but I think who are troubling to write unique content this tricks will help to him .Lets take a look

How to write unique content for blog:

Firstly select a high quality Article from google.
Now copy the selected Article and paste it to ms word
Now remove unnecessary topic the part which you don’t realize removed also because later when you published this article you can not give comment answer.
Now add something new writing to it from your own idea.
Now go to google translator 

Select English to Spanish language .Translate it.again translate it to Spanish to English.
Now English to French.and after that French to German language
At last Translate the post German to English language.
Find out now there is some changes in this article.
Now what you have got is 100% unique content.If you want to check this article post it to your blog and copy the url link and check the link in  copyscape 
You can submit this Article  in Articles submission site.You can see  the Article is approved very first.

Please don’t follow this process (50%) or more than that.Because If you follow this method  always then there is no creativity will be found from you.I hope you don’t wanna loose your creativity right?

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