Mac user get triple boot with easy virtualisation

You know that apple computers are able to run the windows operating system (OS) using either the mac OS x’s boot camp utility or via virtualisation software? The latest parallels desktop  pd 6 is another  easy solution for it. while you need to restart your computer to boot up windows, performance with boot camp is a guaranteed. If you run windows with pd 6 on mac also results in a performance dip.

So how does pd6 best here lets find out?

If you wanna get a new experience i must say install Pd6 on your mac notebook then see the new virtual machine OS is easy. How to install this on Mac?

Pd6 for Mac

Just insert an OS disc or use an image file follow the on screen instructions and wait for the OS installation to complete.

It will take only 30 minutes for installation the 32 bit windows xp on mac machine . You can boot it up in under 30 seconds – much faster then other OS PC.
What is more nicer here that you can use your virtual OS in windows full screen . Which is i like to say that it hides the entire windows xp screen while displaying the windows programs on the mac OS x desktop.
Overall, Pd6 unites both OS wonderfully worked. when you plug in a usb devices pd6 will ask if you want to plug into the running virtual os or the mac os x.

You will surely can browse and starting up any applications in windows xp feels much smoother and faster then any other virtualisation software.
Now i need to talk about triple boot of course, you can also install other OS such as ubuntu linux or google’s Chrome OS. pd6 even also offers the option to download chrome so you can get a new preview of upcoming OS.

Whats most facilitating about pd6 is that it allows you to run windows applications with the mobile apps for iPhone and ipad. So if you installed pd6 and it switched on in online with the parallels mobile application iPhone or ipad you can remotely access pd6 via a log in.
I must appreciate the use of IE in windows xp on ipad. so what’s the  thing can make you more smart without pd6? Your opinion will be highly accepted here with your valuable  comment.
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