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While spending vacation  if any mail is being received, automatically you can answer the mail using Vacation Responder.Every Email provider has this facilities.But If you need to give reply to a different person and differently so then You can Use Gmail.Only Gmail has this facilities to give reply automatic to differently.Gmail has add the system of giving reply to different person in a different mail.This facilities name is called Canned how you will set up this option to your mail just follow me …

First step: Go to your Gmail Account settings >labs tab
Enable Canned Response Radio button.
Save it.
Now if you go to compose mail you can see canned Response.

How to Create A canned Response?

From compose mail go to the drop down menu of canned Respond select new canned respond.give your desire name .select OK and save.
now type your mail at the body then go to the drop down menu of new canned respond click to save the massage.

How to set up canned respond with Filter?

Go to the right sides of search the web and click create a filter .
Or go to settings click create a new filter.Or
At the  top right  sides of the mail’s drop down menu  go to Filter messages and click link this >create a filter
Now here for creating filter write your massages then click next step button .
now go to  send canned response : here select your save canned.check the box and click create filter.
your filter has been  created.
from now from filter mail if any mail you get it will reply auto.
you can create more canned response and filter following those steps.

Author:faridul islam

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