Run Ipad In Windows Using Ipadian

You don’t have ipad and for not having such nice apple OS feeling very bad too. Actually everybody can not buy ipad due to price is high. But you will gonna be very happy if i inform you that right now you can run ipad in your own windows. How is that possible?

You know technology has developing so fast and now in every new processors have the ability to run multiple OS using the virtualization technology. So currently we have seen in single notebook with having multiple os. For running ipad although you don’t need to have vt in your system. okay now i am gonna explained

How to run ipad in windows.

In one word its a very easy to run. To run ipad you need a portable software which is called ipadian. Its a portable so just extract all its file and after extract you will see ipad exe file. just click on it and ipad will start on your windows desktop.
Some time people think to buy ipad and its a very good chance to check all ipad apps in windows before buy it. After run it you will see the desktop screen has come with ipad interface. on the right hand side you will find all the apps such as facebook,google plus, messenger etc for running Internet browser you can use safari apps. For the angry birds games lovers also can enjoy this nice games in here. So its a very much easy to use all ipad apps in windows. You may try it now just go here for download. its a free to download. ipadian apps is easy to use on desktop screen and you don’t have to install any file more over it will not make any changes of your windows installed program. You can use ipadian without any tension. And get the taste of ipad on your windows just like a original ipad user. ipadian is a portable application in it ipad apps are preinstalled. Its a very small file only 35 megabytes. Okay guys enjoy ipad on your windows now.
Download Link:
Ipadian 1.0
Size:35.10 mb

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