Send Bangla Email Using Facebook

Hi, guys, how is going on this days! I hope everything is fine.It’s been a  long time i never post about Facebook.Today i am going to share with you a Facebook tip.We everybody knows most of the time when we browse online mostly connected with Facebook.Facebook has become very popular in all sorts of people.Facebook is a place for sharing status message and now a days we are sharing status message in Bangla.Bangla message or Bangla status update has created a great possibility for the bangla people.For this reason we are developing in bangla writing and the language of bangla are also becoming popular to all.
But do you know how to send email bangla from Facebook?Is that possible too ?That’s why today i am going to share a Bangla facebook application to you.
Using this bangla Facebook application You can easily send Email in Bangla from Facebook.
If you want you can add it to your profile page as a you can send Bangla Email from your own profile page. So why late start Send Email in Bangla Using Facebook.

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Author:faridul islam

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