Set Animation in Pdf Files

There is no alternative of power point for presentation.  We know that in power point presentation – We can get some kind of facilities such as set animation while changing the page, set music or full screen etc. If this kind of facilities we can set from a Pdf file also – it would be more nicer right?

You can create such kind of pdf files using “pdfrizator” Software.

How to create animation in pdf files


Pdf rizator



Firstly open any pdf file using this software. Now if want to apply animation go to right side of document tab then from presentation mode’s drop down click yes.
If you want to listen music while the pdf file run – you can set music at background music.

On the other hand you can add additional information at metadata.
Now to set animation in every pages give transition Effects -by selecting from transition can set effects in every pages or some pages- what ever you like.
At last select convert to pdf and you have completed a animated pdf files.
Here i want to remind you that all of music and animation of this pdf file will run fine in adobe reader. But other pdf reader may be never play properly.

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