SuperTinTin Best Skype Video Call Recorder That I Am Using

 Video call  on online at the recent time with great Internet connection speed is become much more easier and brings us a lot of fun. And with Skype programs one of the best free tools on online which is increase  the Video Chat users much more on home or abroad or even on the go.

Why People Choose skype?

 The video call services have improved over time, the best bandwidth and development of programs that make it possible to maintain video and voice conversations with people anywhere in the world.

Skype is one of those programs that have invested in improved video calls, for that matter, many of us use it frequently to speak to friends or relatives who are far away. And sometimes we would like to record those conversations. That’s what Supertintin Skype Video Call Recorder, a program that will allow us to record the received image of the person you’re talking about.

Skype Video Call Recorder With Supertintin

SuperTinTin Best Skype Video Call Recorder That I Am Using

 In online conversation using webcam to webcam with skype is the best way to go. But what if we like to store our video conversation on our hard drive or personal portable flash drive to watch later with awesome video quality ? I must say dont be fool on me. It is very easy to track down your skype video chat with supertintin now. Sound very cool right? This time for recording skype audio and video call, you might be little bit stingy to find on online something like free stuffs? But You know what all the free skype video call recorder apps are failed to me to deliver me better and very smooth video and audio conversation ? I was trying messanger plus and skype video call recorder software from and both of these apps unable to record my conversation smoothly and most of the time after conversation has been completed i had got nothing record on my hard drive. Even the option or service which they are provide is free unlimited call recording with skype but it was not very worthy to me. If you are business man and had to keep record your video call on skype then i will suggest you to use supertintin. Its not free to use actually. Full version of this apps will give you all facilities on the other hand trial version will give you might be less time of call recording. so to get unlimited call recording audio and video try using supertintin full version now.

 Download:Supertintin Skype Video and audio Call Recorder

  •  Here is the Best features about supertintin:
  •  Languages: English 
  • Record all audio and video streams including Skype voice mail and screen sharing video. 
  • Very easy to record and playback. Record video in picture-in-picture, side-by-side, remote-only, or local-only mode! Record local and remote video as two separate files. 
  •  SuperTintin records by capturing original media data while making sure there is no data loss. Since it is not a screen-capture recorder, video quality is not affected if you open, close or resize messenger windows while recording. 
  • Set SuperTintin to start recording once the call is connected, or manually start recordings at any point during the call. Record video calls in 320×240, 480×360, 640×380 or 960×720, and select normal/high frame rates depending of your wants or needs.
  •  Clean and organized user-interface and controls. Enjoy friendly, reliable and prompt customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
  • How To use Skype with supertintin:

  • It is very easy to use, just press the record button when you want and then stop it whenever we want. So easy. Skype Video Call Recorder Supertintin detects the incoming video, records it and offers it as a. Avi files that can be reproduced and shared later with ease. Of course, it also records the audio of the conversation and you can choose to record your webcam, the other party, or both.  
  • Below the video tutorial will help you to use Supertintin with skype:

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