Take your computer’s Desktop screen shot very easily

Take a screen shot of your computer from Desktop or any other place of your PC.Yes you can take your computer’s Desktop screen shot.How  it is possible? If you want to do that you have to install a software.this software name is Auto Screen Recorder.This is a user friendly software.You can use very easily.But may be from the first time you may face problem to save a picture in Bitmap format.okay you can save picture in other format very easily.

how to take a Desktop screen Shot?

Firstly, Select which positions picture you want to take.Then Go to Edit video>Extract start frame Tab>Press here and save the picture in any format.
Your picture is ready.
This is not a free version.You can continue to use it using Run as date software.
Download link:click here to download Auto  Screen Recorder.

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Author:faridul islam

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