Top 3 Browser:Mozilla Firefox,Google chrome or opera ?

If you are a crazy online browser then you must know which is the best browser in Internet.there are 3 top browser in Internet -Mozilla FireFox,google chrome,or opera.without IE you may think
why this browser is not included in this top 3 ?yes if you continue using IE i think one day you could see your pc affected with virus.
So be careful when you use Internet Explorer.


This is top no 1 quality browser to me.Market share is 23%.3 why this browser is most popular? I ‘ll say it has strong security and huge number of addons .For computer programmer,
web developer, blogger this browser is best.addons is a plug ins tools which makes a browser most interactive and power full.why we need to use addons ?lets say if we want to stop annoying
ad on web page -then we can use ad block plus or blocking disturbing ad.or we want to use IE Then we can install IE tab in Mozilla FireFox .So you can run Internet Explorer in Mozilla FireFox.
How to install addons? this is very simple just click on the add ones tab and Restart FireFox.You can get 50 most use full ad ones the list is here.On the other hand this browser steady,never crash so easy.Alert you
about dangerous websites.It has many usefulness  which i cant finish .so why you don’t  download Mozilla FireFox ?

Google chrome:

I forgot to to tell you FireFox is a open source can see its source code or you can modify it .Google chrome is a same Engine from Mozilla FireFox.Its a another very good browser.
Mostly related with fir fox browser.Its simplicity and speed is excellent.I hope you will enjoy it.For normal use this is best.Download link:click here to download Google chrome.


opera is good for slow Internet’re gonna surprised seeing its speed.For slow connection of Internet this is must and for mobile opera is Boss.I hope
you love to use opera .Here is the latest opera download link:click here to download opera.
note:For normal user such as For  facebook,email checking,chat,online games,download,browsing etc opera or google chrome is okay.But for Advanced user Mozilla FireFox is must.

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Author:faridul islam

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