Top 5 Best Android Mobile browsers At Recent Times

 If you like to know about the popularity of apps market, surely finds the android platform mobile where you can finds huge numbers of  android apps and surely there are many android web browsers for android mobile. The developer of android apps have gone through the process of making so many apps for the android mobile
with new facilities and features. There fore, android web browsers are among them, if we need any just search on the android market with browsers name and many good qualities apps can be found with a few moments. So the developers are doing the job to fulfil the apps market with quality products and cheap android apps.

You know about web browser from my previous post. In online there are several kinds of browsers and they are using for desktop or notebook computers. You can use browsers Not only for PC but also for mobile phone too. For android mobile they are called android web browsers.  All the function and features pretty same as web browsers but for using on mobile phone you may find some extra features which are describing here. In this post i am gonna show you  best android mobile browsers

 Top 5 Best Android Mobile browsers At Recent Times

Top 5 android mobile browsers.
১) Dolphin Browser HD:

For android Dolphin is the fastest and highly customizable web browsers. For the mobile android web browsers, only this web browsers support varieties add ons. To me i like to say this is the best android mobile browser. For example, the add ons which it can supports, here is the list given below:

  • PDF Viewer for Dolphin
  • Web to PDF
  • Dolphin Translate
  • Dolphin Brightness
  • Dolphin Password Manager Lite etc
For more details and Download: Here
২) Opera Mini Web Browser:
There is nothing need to say newly about opera mobile browser. Most of the mobile Internet users know about opera. This browser also support 2G network and it can works very fast even in 2G networks. For me i can do reading my Bangla web pages in my mobile very well using opera.  Its a very fast and next generation mobile web browsers. 
More details and Download: Here
৩) Google Chrome:
All the PC users have google chrome web browser. Most of the desktop computer users like to use google chrome web browser for its high class security and speed browsing with html5 support and mallware protection. But very few of us know that this apps come with now mobile version. Its a very simple, first and user friendly. On the other hand using google chrome, you can sign in and create tabs, bookmark, password etc and can be  customizable very easily with users choices.
More details and Download: Here
৪) UC Browser:
For mobile phone device UC browsers are know worldwide but in android market places it never become so much popular. But the reason why i will place it in Best 5 android web browsers is it has very beautiful fastest download  manager with fastest browsing speed. It is very easily customizable and compression rate also very good.
More details and Download:Here
৫) Firefox:
For desktop web browsing Firefox has sky reached popularity as Google chrome. On the android apps market, it has same kinds of popularity. It is very fast, customizable, and easily can carry. Its latest security and privacy features are truly admirable because to keep users in online safe these features are performing very important task.
More details and Download: Here

Android developers are doing pretty great job for updating and publishing new android apps in the android market. But most of the apps which are called quality type are not free. You have to pay few bucks for that to get in your mobile device. But the good things is very soon this android market places will give huge number of quality apps totally free. The apps which are trail version Can be tested for few days but some of the apps are paid version cant possible to download and installed. I have given top 5 best android mobile web browsers which are using mostly at recent time. Hopefully you will try those in your android mobile too and let me know how is the performances. enjoy.

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