Which is the best free antivirus?

In online you will fall in dilemma to find out which is the best free antivirus? If i ask you which is the best free antivirus? May be you will answer me that Avast. If i am not wrong most of the people says that best free antivirus is Avast antivirus.
But In real Avg or Avast can not be completely successful to find virus and kill virus. So now guess again which is the best free antivirus?

Which is the best free antivirus?

Okay guys don’t think so hard i am gonna make you very clear and truly say if you are having problem in paying some bucks for antivirus and want to enjoy free antivirus then Here take a look below two most successful free antivirus for best protection of pc 1.bitdefender.com2.Microsoft security essentialGuys i have nothing to say anything about them. You need to use any of them and after using you can understand why these two are great free antivirus in the pc industry. You can find out more review fromĀ  bit defender . To get review for Microsoft security essential click here. Guys i hope that you have got your answer about which is the best free antivirus. So don’t be silly to use others antivirus rather than above two.


People only depend on free anti virus but actually free antivirus don’t have perfect protection for keeping pc safe from virus. Every day many kinds of virus are creating and they like to attack the pc which is running by normal antivirus. So for those who are really like to keep their pc free from virus please buy the paid antivirus such as kaspersky, bit defender, Norton etc but if the person are very stingy to pay money then above two free best antivirus would be perfect choice for them.

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