Which is  the best satellite TV View Experience In Bangladesh?

Which is  the best satellite TV View Experience In Bangladesh?

Bangladesh has large number of people who are watching Satellite TV channel from cable TV operators . The quality of telecast from cable TV networks are not so good. When there is a Cloud in the sky or weather is not good , TV channel shows very bad pictures quality .

Now it’s the best time for you to move DTH system. Which is means direct To home . In Bangladesh AKASH is the first DTH system company . They are giving best TV viewing opportunity to the residence directly without any cable.

Why You  Choose DTH ?

Not only is there a greater selection, the picture and sound quality is better for the DTH viewer since the signal is not split through a cable.

Of course , you will choose DTH service . The quality of telecast is more clear , pictures and sound  quality far from cable TV channel . You can depend on DTH for high quality pictures while watching any channel and most importantly you don’t have to hook your TV with cable anymore for watching Satellite channel . DTH comes with set top box which will allow you to view all the satellite TV channel with high quality resolution.

When there is no cable need to use to view all the channel , you are free from thinking about your cable.

In Bangladesh most of the cable TV channels operators are doing business with limited TV channel with poor quality pictures.

DTH system has bring you new innovative solutions which provides most digitalized infrastructure for watching Satellite TV.

It’ has 24/7 customer service and also cost less setup options . You just need to buy a second top box for watching all kinds of satellite TV channel from home.

Here is the details information About AkASH

AKASH is the first ever Direct To Home (DTH) service launched in Bangladesh by BEXIMCO, with an aim to win the hearts of millions with its commitment to quality services that will revolutionize the entertainment industry in the country. Through DTH, as the name says, signals are directly received from the satellite by the dish installed at your premise. You will also need a set top box connected with your TV and a dish. Enhancing TV viewing experience for people is our top most priority and through continuous technological innovation, backed by our solid customer support, AKASH will redefine TV viewing experience like never before.

You can get more information about AKASH DTH from their  website .

It starts business from 17 may 2019 . You have to pay 399 monthly subscription for watching 115 channel with HD quality.


Final Thoughts

I will recommend you to watch satellite TV from DTH system since it has best quality range and resolution . No more watching fade style , when you have new opportunities to grab for watching your favourite TV channel. In near future akash will brought on demand videos service which will give more entertaining experience. Hopefully you have enjoyed this article and will likely to subscribe on DTH TV broadcast service.


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