Why Download Bijoy for Windows 7

You know that Bijoy Bangla typing software is the best software for typing Bangla. But after updating windows i mean in current windows 7 Bijoy is not compatible. But recently Mustafa Jabbar the owner of Bijoy has launched a new version of Bijoy software is called BijoyEkushe.
It can run in windows 7 .So if you like to type bangla in windows 7 you can download this version from its original webpages. But before download you have to mind it that this software is not free for windows 7. You have to pay 5000 Bangladeshi Taka to have the licence key to launch this software. Many website have which are giving Bijoy software with cracked or false licence code this is not legal. So don’t try to download this software from such kind of sites. If you like to have original bijoy software you can download it from this link which is given Below: Download BijoyEkushe2010  for windows 7

Why do you use Bijoy:


It can help you to type any word perfectly and you know while you will use avro there are some words that you cant type using avro keyboard but using Bijoy its very easy to type. It will support Unicode based bangla typing and you can change keyboard command very easily. It has dictionary options too. Most importantly it has 79 fonts which are mostly faultless and unique. And lastly For professional printing bijoy is must. So try Bijoy now. To know more about Why do you use bijoy click here.

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