10 awesome skype audio & video Call Recorder Software For Free

If you ask me honestly which is the best chat client in online? Or which messenger is mostly used in all tech gadgets with full functionality? Yah, what ever you answer for it – i don’t mind but i love skype and for me skype is the best messaging software with full functionality in most of the gadgets like -iphone,ipad,android phone,notebook and desktop PC.
So what i like to say that skype is giving best quality service while audio and video chat. So it would be best conversation with skype audio or video chat function with your chat partner. Now its time to say that in skype you can not only do audio or video chat but also you can record audio or video while using it. That means you can save your conversation in audio format or video format what ever you want. But for audio and video call record in skype, you have to use third party tools to do that. Because in skype there is no option for call record in audio or video format. You have to install third party software to save skype conversation. You can save your conversation in audio format such as mp3 while only audio chat and another option is audio and video both format such as mp4 while webcam chat. In webcam chat you have to ensure about high speed Internet connection so therefore there is no hindrance occurred during skype video chat. Okay guys lets see now 10 awesome skype audio & video Call Recorder Software For Free

Skype Audio Call Recorder

If i am not wrong this is the best skype audio and video call recorder which has been support in windows and mac OS. Most importantly its recording quality and user friendly interface can be the best part for the user. Its a must tools for the business user and i personally say all kinds of mac and windows user can use it. free in trial version but while you will use it you may buy it for best recording options.

  •  2.Solicall:Completely free skype call recorder. Best for those who like to record call in unlimited options. Most of the tools are giving call recording options but they are not allowing to record with no limit so it can be great software to you. If you are a crazy skype user like to talk very long with your wife, friends, colleague what’s so ever , you may use it. But please don’t record call for illegal purpose. I have one sad news for windows 7 users that it wouldn’t support windows 7 but it can be run very smoothly in windows xp. But for 7 users can try pro version that will cost few bucks.  

Free call recorder tools with mp3 format. You don’t have to convert your speech after record, it will be saved automatically in mp3 format. Best for calls skype to skype calls,SkypeOut calls and more . So the best part of it is that you can use it freely.

If you like to use local call answering machine – i may recommend you to use this tool. It can be used as local call answering machine while you are not available. But for call record you have to satisfied with 15 Min’s limitations in free version. So there is a restriction for recording call in unlimited.

Its great tool for not only record Skype call but also for yahoo, google talk and voip calls. Its very easy to use and record call, you no need to press any but it will start call record automatically while you start conversation. It can support mono and stereo audio recording.

Its a another great tool for voice answering while you are not available, most importantly it can play sweet music tone to the opposite caller so that he or she can realize user not available and let the caller to leave a message after the beep tone. You can use recording option for later listening and This an excellent tool for recording incoming voice messages, although freeware version is rather feature-limited.

Skype Video Call recording Software:

Vodburner is the best tool for skype video call record. High quality video and edit option for the recording video is awesome. You can use it freely for 14 days as trial version later for full function you have to buy it.

  • 8.Evaer Skype video Recorder:As vodburner it has the same feature but you can use it as long as you want with limited features such as for free version you can record upto 5 minutes only.the video record can be saved as avi format which is extra facilities to the user. And you can edit video resolution and frame. If you like to get record more you have to buy this software.

  •  9.ecamm skype video Recorder:Another awesome call recorder add ons to transform your audio or video call into movies. Its a great video capturing tool for mac user. Only mac user can use it but i must say this can be very handy for skype video chat record for the mac user. You have to purchase it for $19.95 dollars. But there is a some hope for trial version, you can try it before buy it for free demo use. But its a great tool for mac for skype call record in various video format.  

Excellent tool for record skype video chat. You can convert the recorded video in other format such as video to iPod, iPhone, MP4, WMV, MP3, etc. But the fact is that price is quite high rather than others tool. It can record msn webcam Video too.For those who like to use it for free can download trail version too.


Here i have given some of the awesome Skype audio and video call recorder tools which can be very helpful to you to find out the difference of software quality, support, price and free using capabilities. Most of the video tools are free in trial version but if you like to use Skype video record more long, you have to purchase it. I hope you will enjoy this post. If you have any free tools for long time Skype video record , don’t forget to mention in comments.

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