How to Backup Facebook Easily

Everyday It is almost heard that most of people of Facebook users has been hacked or spoiled for many unnecessary reason! When you know about your facebook account has been hacked by some one or damaged, its become very painful for you. But you will be very happy to know that there is a solution for facebook hack or damaging.

What will you have to do?

It is very easy task to manage or keep safe your facebook account. To keep your face book account safe, please follow what i have written below :

At first you must log in to facebook. Then click Account settings from Account which situated top of the right side of facebook page. Now you have to look down of the page and click learn more, right side of the Download your information. Then a new page will come and from this page click Download. A back up profile will going to made right now. when the back up profile has already made, a mail will send in your mailing box. Now, again you have to click Account settings and then click learn more which locate at the right side of Download your information.Give a password in verify password and click Continue. Now click your mouse in Download now and it will be download for your facebook profile backup. You also see the memory of facebook profile backup. Finishing your Download, please unzip the zip file. Now, open the index file and then you can see the whole facebook profile. I hope,you have enjoyed reading the post. keep stay with us……

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