10 great ways to improve your Tech Life

You must be sad if your gadgets and computers, your software and sites – they are not working as well as they should. You need to make some tweaks. How to involves this tweaks to your technological life ? I like to find out some great ways here. Lets talk about 10 great ways to improve our technological life. They are easy and mostly free lets browse on them now.

Tech stuffs

1.Get a smartphone:
Having immediate access to your email, photos, calenders address books what would be your choice to embed with these stuffs? Ya try to get a smart phone and make life’s easier and smarter for ever.

2.Stop using IE:
If you want to become a smart browser  try it on Mozilla FireFox or Google chrome. They are always fast but IE is rather slow.

3.Upload your photos to the cloud:
You will be really sorry if your pc crash or accidentally delete photos. But if you upload all photos to the online it is no matter if your computer crashed or removed it from your hard drive. All the favorite picture will be safely stored on online for free. Just subscribe on Picasa and start uploading.

4.Get Music off your pc:
If you like to control your music you can buy iPhone, ipad,ipod touch and when you play any music you can listen it via speakers of your iPhone its so easy just install Apples free Remote app and you will be able to control your music from anywhere in the room.

5.Backup your Data:
This is more important task. Why because if your data loss or pc crashed, you can restore from your backup. How to back up easy? Just go here: sosbackup.com Pay $80 – Install the software and sleep easy.

6.Set up a free file sharing service:
There are many ways to share files to online. But i prefer dropbox.com just drag and drop to the icon which will be shown at desktop. The rest of the task will be done by the software later all of your files will be found at cloud.

7.Get a free antivirus Software:
The more the technology upgrades the more the new virus also upgrades their attacking style. So get a free antivirus to cope with this virus. I prefer Avast.

8.Get a better deal from your cables, phones and Internet provider:
You have to be smart on controlling your Internet speed and there fore need to care about cables and hardware when you buy them make sure are in good conditions and original. Because last time one of my friends spoiled his iPhone by charging with duplicate charger. So mind it .

9.Buy many charging cables:
You should die if you fail to charge your smart phones or any gadgets when it need most ain’t you? So do you have enough charging cables or charger in your house? Or are they really original to your devices? Make sure all this stuffs to bring your home just find it on eBay. Buy quality goods and enjoy better living.

10.Calibrate your HDTV:
Do you think you have enough things for making your life fully digital? There is still one more thing left to find for your HDTV. Adjust color, brightness, contrast of your LCD- TV . For great screen effects order spears and munsil High Definition Benchmark: Blue- ray Edition, a DVD, for Us $25
Its regimen of tests and patterns will help you adjust your TV set’s settings to more natural levels.

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