Lock a pendrive or memory card with Easy steps by safe house

Do you want to lock  or protect some of your personal files or folders? Even in memory sticks or pen drive? I know you will surely agree with me that recent time privacy options are much more need than before. Why because you have to carry on your memory sticks or pen drive all over the place.

So this portable devices is very sensitives to use. we know that some of the pen drive has lock system but  its not in every drives.  Most of the pen drive are openly used. No security for the file or folder. You can face privacy problem for your pen drive or memory sticks if you don’t protect data by password.  Now the question is ..Can i have free software for it?

I have given a post already how to lock pen drive with password ? But the matter of fact is that software was trial version. Today here i am giving the same post again but the software which i am using here is free. Yes i am talking about safehouse. The very best pen drive files locker free software that i ever seen. Lets check it out safe house now………..
safehouse is a Strong 256 bit files encryption free software. Which can protect any files folder of windows.it can be used as a portable software also. Run with xp vista and later win7 64 bit.”

Safehouse exp.

How to use safehouse explorer in Pendrive or memory stick?

Now i am going to show you how to install this software and lock pen drives file.
1.First of all Download safehouse explorer from here. After download finish install it to your hard drive.
2.Now run the file and it will ask you to create a virtual box vault
3.Create it by clicking on create storage vault
4.Now select the path where you want to create the storage drive. You can choose at your hard drive  or pen drive . I prefer to choose your pen drive. Because you need to make the drive protected. It can be store 20000 gigabytes and you can create storage vault drive as much as you need.
5.Now select the drive size you want and click to create a new volume.
6.Within a few minutes it will be created and you need to provide password for it.
you have successfully create a new volume for your pen drive.
Now is time for to store files and folder to your pen drive and its so easy just drag and drop it to the safe house explorer window.
When you need to open the drive just apply password  and open it. You can see all your protected document here.
So enjoy safety even on the portable storage devices.

If you find this tip is not easy for you to understand just go to computer problem page and submit your problem here. You will answer you as soon as possible.

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