How to update status on twitter more than 140 characters ?

I am large !

Most popular micro blogging sites in twitter some time we need to update our status or tweet more than 140 characters. Unfortunately twitter never give the facilities of updating status more than 140 characters. But if we need to update on status more than 140 characters, what should we do?Is there any solution have for this problem?  Yes there are a lot of third party websites are giving the facilities to share update in more than 140 characters. But to read this kind of update we have to browse their webpage too. What does this kind of sites actually follow for updating large tweet or status? They make the tweet short and update it by using short link so that’s why we are need to visit that link to read large update status or long tweet. I am going to tell you from now you no need to visit others link to read large tweet if you use talltweet. They make the long tweet short by divining into few parts and update the status.

Lets say, You need to update tweet more than 638 characters. They will Davide it into 5 tweet and update it and you can see the tweet number (5/5,4/5,3/5,2/5,1/5) like this.
How to set up this method to give large tweets? Its so easy just go to Now click at in sign in with twitter [after log in authorise it] now tweet as like as you want. There is no matter how long your tweet is? – Talltweets will make the tweets for you….

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