7 Best Free parental Control Software That You Must Know

Internet is not Free From abusive and bad contents.Its never safe for your kids if you never make sure safety of your own pc, laptop, PDA or mobile what ever you use.So its generally becomes a threats to us if we never look after our kids what are they doing on Internet.To manage and monitor our kids online activity, we must use parental control software.
Here is a definitions from wikipedia :
“Parental controls provide parents with automated tools to help protect their children and set restrictions while using devices and services…

…controlling the content which the child views on a device connected to the Internet, or limiting the amount of time they can use their device.”
Actually, a parental control software controls your kids to manage what type of activities can do your kids while they work at online.It manage also online browsing time of your kids.

 7 Best Free parental Control Software:

1.K9 web protection:
From me it is the best free parental control software.To install this you have to use password from this sites and to uninstall it also you need to give the password.so it is very important for you to remember the password.This password is the key for you to perform every action.You can also block unwanted image contents from popping up in the site when your kids uses.To install please visit k9 web protection services by foll lowing link.K9 web protection

This is also best freeware parental control software for your kids.Its protect your kids to watch questionable and indecent websites.its best for your kids because you can open account for them & you can filters your kids from offensive sites content easily.Check here to install it:kidzui 

3.Online Family.Norton:
Best Freeware tools that effectively blocks bad sites.Manage time of computers chat supervising and also give reports of all action taken through the online system.
Why I suggest you to use this because when your kids access any restricted sites ,it will notify you to a simple email that you provide.So the restrictions can customizable to you.It reports you what type of sites are being used by our kids & how long they uses surf the sites.You can set different controls based on the age of your child.To check it out now find online family.Norton now or to see the video how to use Online family.norton click here.video

4.windows live family safety:
This is a another freeware parental control .It might be pre-installed if you are using windows 7.otherwise you have to download and installed this tools.It can be installed in every pc and you can control searching options, block or allow a web sites .More over you can monitor IM messenger or hotmail etc.
To install it go here.windows live family safety 2011
5.Parental control bar:
If you are using newer versions of IE than its time for you to install this best freeware parental control bar on your IE browser.Its come with your browser so its very friendly to work with.You can customize which contents or sites you gonna access.To try it go here.Parental control bar

6.Fox- filter:
You  may know  That “THE Parental Control for Firefox”! FoxFilter is a personal content filter that helps block pornographic and other inappropriate content. All filtering features are free! You need to have Firefox to use this add on of course.Try it from this following link:Fox-filter

Chatshield is a simple parental control tools for windows live messenger.Its best because you can restricted your child while chatting online using IM.To chat with genuine or real friends via windows live it can help you.You can set level & block conversations .This is best for IM live messanger.Try it go here.Chatshield

I hope these free tools will help you to use Internet safely.Though parenting in recent time of Internet is pretty hard task.But these free parental control tools will help your kids to watch & visit websites more freely and safely.I hope its time for you to let them use Internet in a free zone.Because you are not out of these free tools.

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