Hide or Lock Your Computer’s Drive without Any Software

I have given a post few days ago how to hide a drive ? but today i  am gonna share again Hide or Lock Your Computer’s Drive without Any Software.Some time we need such option.If there is no software no problem check it out here how you gonna hide or lock your pc drive ?
Lets start,Go to Run and Type :Regedit
2। Now go here HKEY_CURRENT_USER
now after software
now after Microsoft
now after windows
now after current version
now after policies
Now go here Explorer right  click at the right side as picture below

3। Click New After Right Click And  Click at DWORD Value
4। Give a name  of  DWORD Value  as  NoViewOnDrive (If you want to create Drive)
NoDrives (If you want to hide Drive)
5।Now go to the properties of it and Change the value as below:

A = 1
B = 2
C = 4
D = 8
E = 10
F = 20
G = 40
H = 80
I = 100
J = 200
K = 400
L = 800
M = 1000
N = 2000
O = 4000
P = 8000
Q = 10000
R = 20000
S = 40000
T = 80000
U = 100000
V = 200000
W = 400000
X = 800000
Y = 1000000
Z = 2000000

Now lets say you want to hide c drive, so give value 4

Now Restart your pc
If you want to show the hidden drive again then give the value 0.
Do you understand this?

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