Advanced Mobile Care For Android Mobile Best Antivirus

Guys, Whats up, Are you android mobile user? looking for best tools for keeping your mobile free from virus and make it more fast? You are not in the wrong places. You know that for PC its a great invention Advanced system care to keep the PC fast and free from all kinds of error.
The tool IOBIT  has given the same options to keep your android mobile faster and more secure with Advanced system care for mobile. Its a best antivirus for android mobile so far.

Advanced Mobile Care For Android Mobile Best Antivirus

For PC Optimization IOBIT‘ Advance System Care Software is the best.  With this tool you can easily Optimize PC like CPU usage , Ram usage etc  Now with the same thing can be done from android mobile too. Lets find the great features for Advance Mobile Care :

Mobile Anti-virus :

With just one touch you can delete mobile’s virus, spyware etc On the other hand using Real time protection while installing any new software, able to check for virus before install to the mobile. 

Game Speeder:

Your mobile RAM is low. You are not able to playing High quality Game? Don’t worry, You have Game speeder, which game you like to play just select it and The ASC will reduce RAM usage and you can play that game.

Battery Saver:

One of the most important feature for mobile. Most of the people complain for low battery. But after using ASC you can still using :wifi , hotspot etc and your mobile battery wont finish so fast .

Task Killer:

You can stop unnecessary task using ASC and by this way your RAM will be too faster.

Privacy Locker:

You don’t have to install extra another apps for locking your mobile files. Such as personal photo, video etc can be set password using ASC.
Amazing  Interface’s this application can be download for free ……………..

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