How To Upgrade Windows 8 64bit or 32 bit OS From Online?

Do you like to upgrade to Windows 8? You have installed windows 7 right now. If you currently running windows 7 and willing to upgrade to win 8, its very easy task for you. Even its a few days only passed windows 8 is come to the consumer level, first launched October 26, 2012
still many of us never upgrade to it. But you know Microsoft has given very easy solution for it. You can get this Os very cheaply via online payment only US $14 who have purchase PC with win 7 after June 2012 and regular upgrade fee is US $39 available for many countries. I have given a try. Already i have bought the key. Now i can download it anytime. Because when you have the key that means you have the valid license to download it. Yeah if you are using limited plan of data connection then its up to you to download its whole OS with pause and resume method. After reset your data you can try again for the next guys if you like to get it from online purchasing keys, you can download it with resume capabilities. But to do so you have to buy the key. Any way, if you are using high speed Internet connection then upgrade to it via online. You have to install a exe file from Microsoft and the rest of all task will be done by it. Just run the exe file for installing windows 8. If you have given the. You need this setup exe file to start download windows 8 from online. After completion of download it will create a desktop icon for install windows 8. If it not create just re download again. You can create iso or usb backup. Now lets find out how to upgrade to windows 8 from online?

How To Upgrade Windows 8 64bit or 32 bit OS From Online?

Requirements to Download Windows 8 Pro Legit from Microsoft:
# Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, or 7
# Of course an internet connection and
# Your Windows 8 Pro Upgrade Key you purchased earlier
Step 1: Download Windows8-Setup.exe from here. it is 5.2MB in size.
Step 2: Decide which Windows Pro version you want – either 32-bit or 64-bit. Well do note that you can install 64-bit only if your processor supports it. you can check if your CPU supports 64-bit OS here.
Step 3: Run the “Windows8-Setup.exe” you have downloaded from a PC which has a 32-bit Windows if you want to download Windows 8 Pro 32-bit. Similarly run from a 64-bit PC if you want 64-bit version. Size Details: # 32-Bit Windows 8 Pro: 2.01GB # 62-Bit Windows 8 Pro: 2.63GB
Step 4: When the Setup program starts, it will ask for your Windows 8 Pro key. Just enter your keys and viola, your download will commence.

 Step 5: After the download is completed, before installing the upgrade, we suggest you to create an iso or a USB drive backup for future setups. You can exit the setup program after that. Don’t loose the backup!

Step 6. While closing the setup program, it automatically creates a desktop icon(if it doesn’t you can re-start the program and it will start where you left off). So if you want to install Windows 8 as an upgrade to your existing OS, you can proceed to ‘Install’. But if you want a clean install, make use of the iso or USB drive backup. I personally recommend clean install over any upgrade install. Its up to you.

 Important Notes:
# The back up you created to a USB drive or a DVD after download is similar to a retail version, meaning it is not linked to any key. You can use it for installing to any compatible system with any other legit key.
 # The same product key can be used for downloading ether 32/64-bit Windows 8 i.e. the key is common for both versions.
 # The Upgrade program will ask for your choice if you want to keep files, apps, or none. This choice is irrelevant if you are going for a clean install using a media device (USB/DVD)
# The language will depend on your location. You can install your preferred languages after installing windows 8. If you have any questions or updates please leave a comment.

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