Are you looking for free English to Bengali Dectionaries?

Recently it has found that Google’s has stopped its online dictionary services. So that’s for sure some of the online user like to have a desktop offline English to English or English to Bangla Dictionary. You know to finding the meaning of unknown word dictionary is very helpful tool for us. So we everybody should have at least one dictionary. But recently google dictionary is not available in online. So what if google dictionary is not available , You can not find word meaning any more? No still you have a great chance to have some free offline dictionary. In my previous post i had given some link for online dictionary but today i am going to give you some link for offline dictionary after download it you can view word meaning without having Internet connection.
So for your own need and solving vocabulary problem you can install these free dictionary, here we go:

Top 7 English to Bangla and English to English Dictionary

Download link: Shoshi-English-To-Bangla-Dictionary
2.Bangla to English Dictionary
Download link: Bangla to English Dictionary
3. Download Free English to Bengali Dictionary for Your Java J2ME/Jar and Symbian Mobile Phones
E2BDictionadry Review :

Developer : MD. Waliul Islam from BUET, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

OS Support : JavaME/J2ME, Symbian(All).

License : Completely Free

E2BDictionary Home (English to Bengali dictionary for mobile phones)

Direct Download Link of E2BDictionary :Free English to Bengali Dictionary for Your Java J2ME/Jar and Symbian Mobile
4.Universal dictionary database Bangla to english Dictionary
Download link:Universal dictionary database
5.Best English to Bangla Dictionary of all time ( I  personally loved this Dictionary)
Silicon Dictionary
Download link:Silicon Dictionary English To Bnagla
6.BanglaDictionary in portable version. No need to install just copy and paste the shortcut icon on your desktop.
Download link:Portable Bangla English dictionary

7.And lastly i have given a English to Bangla dictionary with vocabulary soft dictionary both download link are given below:
Donwload link:english to bangla dictionary
Download link:Vocabulary software


I have given here Top 7 English to Bnagla and English to English Dictionary. I try my best to include all best English to bangla dictionary list and download link here. It is up to you which one you like to use for your own need. Just click on the link and download and enjoy free dictionary.


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