How to stop Spam Comment for wordpress blog?

You have pretty nice blog with remarkable article. You have got great number of visitors everyday and you are enjoying your blogging experience with them. The thing which recently very heartening to you is everyday you are getting huge number of spam comment. You cant understand which is original comment and which is spam. Its quite irritating to you. Now you are in very annoying mood with your wordpress blog. So there fore you are trying to get rid of it. well if you have wordpress blog and everyday getting huge spam comment then i have a nice solution for you.

How to stop Spam Comment for wordpress blog?

To stop spam comment there are few pretty good plugins for wordpress blog. I have searched on internet which plugins is the best for stopping spam comment. And at last i have found a nice plugins is called cookies comment. Which can block spam comment most effectively.

I was getting a lot of spam comment for my wordpress blog. And you will be astonished to know the total spam comment is 1099 So it was crying need for me to stop spam comment. And luckily i have found cookies comment a wordpress plugins which help me to get rid of getting spam comment to my wordpress blog.

If you have same problem like me then you can try this plugins and see how effectively it will work for you.

How to install

To install cookies comment you have to go to your wordpress dashboard then go to plugins now click on add new plugins write down the plugins name” cookies comment” hit search and you will get number of plugins list from them select cookies comment and install it. It will install automatically. After activate you can see the results.
You can install cookies comment from its wordpress plugins directory page too. Here is the
Download link: cookies comment
Click on installation tab to see how to install it.
Enjoy spam free comment blog.

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