Get Free Online File Storage More Than 10 GB ?

Online is a medium of vast global network system which is giving 24 hours network connectivity around the globe and there is no hindrance in network policy for connecting any PC to another in the world.
So that’s why Internet has become a essential part of our life and we hardly can live any single day without it. in Internet you can do many kinds of thing. for some common task file sharing is one of them. you know in online there is a big opportunity for you to share your file for free. yes today for the emerging of cloud computing i am gonna discuss about free file storage system in online. Yes there is few great online file sharing company has been giving tremendous opportunity for the people who can store his file within a single click and only using a single email id. So you cant believe it that these kinds of website everyday receive how many bytes file and how much huge capacity they have on their Server. So you may like to know where can you store your file i mean any kinds of file for free and how much you can store. Okay guys lets take a look top 10 best file sharing website that i am listed as my favourite storage centre for free.

Top Ten Best Sites For Free Online Files Storage More than 10 GB
In online one of the best file storage sites . You can upload any type of file upto 10 gb for free. For registered user its storage size is unlimited. There is no limit of file for storage. But each upload files size can not be more than 200mb. For bigger size of files you have to split it in smaller size and then you can upload.The speed of download and upload also good and you can download with resume capabilities too. What you need to do is just register with with your own email and just get started for upload and downloading file for free. You can send the link to your friends or keep all the storage in private. The account can be deleted if you never log in within 180 days.
another best option for file storage in online for free. For me i am using this service. Excellent option for storage . If you verify your email you can store upto 15 GB or without that you have to satisfied with minimum offer 10 GB. There is no option for for provide password for the file though but you can keep all the data safe as private use or provide the link to public for download. Its a great sites for store any kinds of file. Maximum file upload size is 1gb

3.Windows Live skydrive:
This gonna be a huge assets for those who like to share and store files in the auspicious of Microsoft company windows live skydrive. You can upload 25 GB for free. And there is a extra benefit for create private folders or you can share the links of uploaded files to your friends Colleague whats so ever. What you need to have for this service is windows live mail account only. So get started with it now.
Its a pretty handy for remote system online backup. Idrive is giving 2gb free file storage per account.Idrive is best for mac user where it can be used for archiving,continuous data protection,timeline restore ,versioning and many others quick time data store facilities. What is most fascinating for idrive ? is you can refer idrive to your friends by email and for 5 valid email invitations you can increase storage upto 10 gb. And this would be absolutely free. You can use this 10 GB for your own and there is no need to worry about deletion of file. So you don’t have to be worried about your referred space this file will not be removed until you removed it. So its rocking right and hopefully start to invite people now?
well with its free account you will get 10 gb free space by two split type of storage such as 5 GB for Media files(photo,video,music) and another 5 gb for non-Media files. Its users are not getting any facilities for desktop client but since you have been registered with humyo, you will be treated with best web based files explorer as upload ad downloading the files. 
You have to upload more than 10 gb in everyry month or there is no limit how much you will upload in a month then rapidshare has given you to stores files more than 10 GB and there is no limit for the files size for basic and pro users both have the accesses for uploading files with unlimited numbers. but one thing you have to remember that if your uploaded files never been download within 30 days then rapidshare will delete the file automatically. So there is a only one way to keep your files longer for the free users. But if you have pro account there is no need to worry about any files deletion. Here upload size is unlimited and files duration time is unlimited too. Currently rapidshare is giving such kinds of files to store exception of these :*.zip, *.rar, *.ace, *.iso, *.bin, *.cue, *.cdd, *.avi, *.mpeg, *.mpg, *.divx, *.mp3, *.wav, *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.gif, *.png, *.bmp, *.doc, *.rtf, *.pdf, *.txt and many more… 
another greats site for store files more than 10 gb i mean here you can store 500 gbupto 90 days on the other hand registered got the chance to store 500 gb unlimited of time. so its a big boost for crazy uploader isnt it?
i love it . I like to use snapdrive for files storage because it has a option for store files from mobile through!
And for the free users you can upload files upto 5 gb. Even you are looking for more there is a nice option for you to upgrade your plan. you can upload maximum 1000mb for each files. 
one of the tremendous opportunity for those who are looking for desktop client for storing files more than 10 gb as a free users. Yes adrive has been given 50 gb free backup and storage files as desktop client for 14 days trial. Here is the cool adrive features:
FREE 50GB Online Storage,Cloud Storage,Access Files Anywhere, Share Files, Edit Documents Online, File Transfer Protocol (FTP)and adrive desktop. 
At last i have given you a nice online backup and storage files site which is called Excellent site for cloud has given two categorise plan for the customers. Plan one is for the personal account which is given basic 5gb free upload facilities and plan number two is business account which has the all major options for files store and backup. For business accounts start with $15 dollars and it has the supports for windows ,mac and iphone users to upload and backup files in online.

11.Googledrive: You can get free 15 gb free storage from google drive . Updated


If you think this list is excellent for those who are looking for free online files storage and backup then please leave a comment and add some more excellent sites which i mistakenly never mention here. Don’t you think this list cant be a real help for you to get info for store and upload files in online more than 10 gb absolutely for free? Please comment below.

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