Backup Your Facebook Friends Forever

The life is short.Now a days Facebook Profile also something become like that.We don’t have any surety that when our facebook profile would be vanished? Or its very hard to say when our facebook would be Hack ? There is no certain time when our facebook would be banned? lets say, one day you can not open your facebook account or somebody hack your facebook account then all your facebook friends would be lost.

Because profile lost means all friensds list are  missing.In this circumstances what can you do?Its pretty hard breaking for a facebook user being isolated from friends forever. I hope you would never lost your facebook’

How to backup your facebook friends?

Is there any facebook applications have?Yes for making a facebook friends list you can use a Feacebook application.This application name is “Friends Locker”

To use this program visit
Friends locker is a such kind of application here you can store all of your facebook frineds list by their name and profile.Later if your own profile tripped or not working after creating a new profile you can use this friends list and can go to your friends profile.

You can connect to your backup Friends list and profile very easily.
so i hope you would never miss your most loving facebook friends.Lock them now using friends locker forever.

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