Best Folder lock freeware That I am using

Hi guys, Its a bit boring when you may be face some difficulties to make private your own personal files or folder.Why we should need to protect our files or folder? Yes because sometime you know we need to keep our files or folder safe from children or others.We don’t like to show the files or folder to others.So in that case

How to lock any files or folder?

I am going to show you today that how you can make your files or folder private?
The software which I am using for lock my files or folder is a freeware.We shouldn’t be worried at all after install this software.Here I am giving two different software details that i am using for my pc.
Software # 1
Secure folder
1.The best freeware tools for lock any folder or files .
2.You can lock unlimited number of files or folder at the same time
3.Its integrates with windows explorer
4.It supports drag and drop options
5.User friendly
6.You can lock,hide,hide&lock,encrypt,Hide&encrypt,Hide+lock+encrypt
7.Secure Folder support all kinds of disk types like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS & EFS.
8.But “Lock” mode is only available on NTFS file system.
9.System OS windows xp/vista/7
Size:489 kb
Download link:Secure folder 3.4.00

How to install secure folder

Firstly download this freeware
Open the file and install
When you first time run the software you need to give a password .The default password is :password but you can change it to another pw.Now every time when this tools will run you need to submit the password that you choose yourself.
Note:if your file system is not ntfs you can not lock any folder or files.You must have ntfs files to protect files or folders.
So in that case if you have genuine windows xp then the next freeware software is for you

Microsoft Private Folder 1.0

software# 2

Microsoft Private Folder 1.0
Make  my folder private.
This is very useful tool to make your folder private.But the most important fact is you must have genuine windows xp to use this tools.
Its free to use and you can lock any kinds of folder of your computer
size:1.1 mb
Download link: Microsoft Private Folder 1.0

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