To become a better blogger what should need to learn for the newbies ?

Hi guys, How is life going on this days? It is pretty good time for you that now you can pretty easily surf a lot of blogs page within a minute. The time is now your.You should know something if you wanna be a better blogger? what should we need to learn to become a better blogger? It is all about reading- in one word I must say “The more you read blog the more you learn”So its now your time to reading 1000 blog in everyday .which process you follow to read huge blog?

Yes, on this post you can learn everything -the time has start now -you can be a better blogger also.  So why late start reading blog and learn how they write?

Choose yourself a topics of blog:
You need to know which is your favorite subject or which things you know very well. There are many categories have in blog . Find yourself which topics is best for you . Don’t start with a blog that main topics are not very known to you. How you can find a suitable name to start with your blog? I request you to read choose suitable topics to start a blog to read this link so that pretty easily you can understand how should you proceed with. I am giving here little bit example, lets say there are many blogs as like business,technology,php-learning,,sports,video blogs,etc here you can not choose php if you don’t know much about it. I hope now you are very clear. I choose myself technology there are so many writings about this.So you should choose yourself only one topics and start reading. The more you read the more you can continue write in your blog and pretty easily can get idea from others blog. So why stop ?start from now…

Which is the best time for you to reading a blog:
The time management is a key factor for you to read a blog. If you select a time when you engaged with noisy environment then all your concentration will collapse-you couldn’t learn anything from reading. I think the best time is at middle of the night-when all goes to sleep. How long you need to read blog : It depends what kind of blog you are reading? If the blog is about tutorial like php then you must need to give more than one hour to read it otherwise 1 hour is enough for reading social blog. I must say 2 hour is best.

Which software you should use to read blog:
Its not good to read blog from must choose a software . I read all my blog with google feed burner. Because you cant Read new post in everyday from all blog so you need to find out how to read new post.If you wanna so google reader is best for you i must say.

Make a note:
You must write on book about important topics of your reading. Lets say everyday you read blog but if you don’t write on a notebook later you forget all. So the best is must write on a extra notebook about important line of a topics.

Make a logical comment:
You are reading blog but you don’t giving any comment then the post which you have finished -how you can judge yourself that what you have understand after reading it?So try give a comment after reading a post.on the other hand may commenting can create huge traffic of your own blog.And lastly you can create a healthy relationship with the blogger.

Do you know Html,Javascript,css and php?:
You cant become a better blogger if you don’t know html,css,javascript and php. Because in online these are essential for you to know to embed your knowledge in a webpage. You must have a good template and nice design of your blog. So if you wanna customize of your blog by yourself you must know all of these. Actually if you use software then its okay for you only having basic knowledge but for professional blogging i cant but help to say you to learn it.

How is your English knowledge:
Try to learn English.because without proper English you cant able to write proper post for your blog. Do you like to use complicated words to your blog? So that people say your vocabulary is good. I can say only one thing write with very simple word so that whose first language are not English also can realize what you write. I am using pretty simple word and try to make my English so easy to understand. If you write blog in complicated manner then you gonna loss reader. So what should you need to improve- is learning good writing English and enrich your vocabulary and grammar.

Do you know seo?:
 Okay all have done. you have made yourself a good blog. But if you don’t optimize your blog with search engine then your blog gonna be reader less. Why because search engine never find your blog. So if don’t know seo search engine optimization then it is pretty hard for you to find your blog on search engine. So must learn seo.How to learn seo get this link and i hope it will be easy for you.
Write your post with short title:Try to write your blog post with short but meaningful title. You must not give a title more than 28 words. May be some time need to make long title but its best for you to give the title shortly.

Which is the best time to write blog?:
To become a better blogger may be you are trying so hard but at the end what you have achieved is not so much in blogging. To much concentration on writing but you don’t know which is the best time for you to write blog. Yes you should decide yourself when you are very free to write something.when you feel so relax. I suggest you to write blog at the morning time. This is the best time for concentrating on writing. Every great blogger follow this time.

Write post with proper back links:
 It is best to write post with back link. If the link is outer from your blog then you can give no follow tags.try to write the post with your own link. Try to write more than 300 words. Emphasize your title word at the body of the post few times so that a blog reader can understand the importance of the word.

Write on unique content:
Okay, you are blogging on a subject but the subject what you have chosen is too tough for you to write unique content.because a lot of blogger already have chosen this topics and there are so many post already uploaded by others blogger. So what you have chosen must be rare a bit or not so many blogger write on that matter. On the other hand you cant write unique content if the content is based on technical. So try to find out which topics is best for you to star with. You can write unique content if the subject what you chose to write know very well.lets say for example, you choose to write on how to learn php – this topics but the knowledge about php is not good to you.  So if you start on php surely you’ll fail to write unique content. So the best for you to choose a blog which you know very well.

Use image smartly:
You can use image in your blog post. For making the post more understandable to the reader.
So try use image smartly. Some of the post no need to give any image such as write on seo. So be smart to give appropriate is good for your post that have image.

Should you get off from pc for writing?:
Yes you can get off from your computer to write blog. Why because you gonna share real people’s life to write with in your blog.lets say for marketing blog Naomi at Ittybiz is the perfect example.

Create sitemap and submit it :
You are in blogging now everyday writing post and posted it regularly. Your blog post becoming large and large day by day.So what should you need to do- is create a sitemap and submit it to google. Now the search engine can easily crawling your post. So sitemap is another important thing for blog.

Why late start blogging with word press or blogger:
Now the time is your.start blogging from today and keep continue writings but which platform you should write a blog? Yes this is very important -if you want to be a professional blogger start from wordpress or you can start on blogger.its upto you.

In my next post i will give you few more tips on blogging till than Happy blogging …..

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