Use Gmail In Offline Mode

Hi guys, Its pretty good to let you know Gmail has given now some of the great facilities to the gmail user.Why i am gonna say this because gmail has several options to check it.lets say you are unable to connected online all the time.The reason of this thing may be you are offline user or in your country has not Internet facilities as pretty low price level or may be you are using prepaid Internet .Now no need to  worry about that.From now you can check gmail in Offline.

How to check in Offline

Its pretty simple to use just follow few steps and you can easily configure it.
First of all you have to sign in your gmail account.
Go to settings
click on offline
Now click on Enable button
now click on save changes
Install offline gmail software Gears  will pop up

click next and select where to save the offline mail
desktop or other
now open in offline mail tab with password
it will show all mail.

You are done.
Enjoy using Gmail now in offline mode.

Backup your Gmail now.

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Author:faridul islam

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