How to restore email |backup your gmail information

Hi guys, how is going on your days?I hope everything is i am gonna share you a small tip about mail backup. Why you need to restore email or backup your mail? yes there are a lot of reason have for backup our mails.but do you know how to backup our mails to computer?
May be you have already known about gmail backup.Gmail has this facilities to backup or restore gmail.You know if you are a subscriber of many websites or you are a big business magnate so everyday you have got important email from others.The mail which you have got now you dont wanna delete what can you do now if you don’t delete then many emails will gonna take place in your inbox right. There is a good solution for it that you can save all your gmail before making empty your I am gonna show you

How to backup gmail to your computer.

Firstly download the gmail backup software.
Install it
Run it
give your full Gmail id
Give password
Select backup folder where do you wanna restore mails
Give since Date
Give before Date
Click on  backup
Backup process will start
Note :if you wanna restore new mail then select newest mail only at the right corner.

Use Gmail As Data Hard Disk 

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