Best iPhone Applications for College Students To Practice Math


Best iPhone Applications for College Students To Practice Math

As a college student, there are several things you need to do to maintain your expertise. If you do not learn to take care of it from now on, you will have faced many problems with your life.  For one, you need to have a good study schedule, then be able to communicate with your friends and family, which is why many students have their Android Mobile, iPhones. However, one of the important things about having an iPhone and being a college student is that you can apply some applications that will help you, both in your educational life as well as in your social life. With the iPhone constantly bringing new applications, you’ll be able to find something entertaining and helpful.

Ajax Bartender

Perhaps one of the great applications for college students who always want to have a good time is the Ajax Bartender iPhone app. This amazing app lets you drink and create over 40,000 different alcoholic drinks. However, what really makes this app unique is that it allows you to choose based on what you want your drinks to contain. Have you ever been with friends, and someone said they want to drink tequila but they don’t know how to make different types of drinks with it?


Well, with the Ajax Bartender app you can choose the tequila and then be able to choose what you want to mix and a complete list of different drinks associated with the two ingredients that pop up on your screen.


This is perfect for Holiday Party Ideas, get together with friends for a moment or just a great companion when you go to the bar. You never wonder what you’re drinking that night.

Far cry

Another great application is a far cry from the top; But it plays an equally important role in the life of a college student. Whether you are majoring in the physical science or criminal justice, you need to take a math course. And if you’re like most other people, you need to have a calculator when entering these awesome classes. However, instead of carrying your iPhone and huge calculator, you’ll only be able to carry your iPhone when you have the Belfry SciCalc installed.


This scientific and programming calculator will give you access to different types of equations. Whether you need this calculator for your algebra, trigonometric functions, or even standard math problems, in this application you can handle anything mathematical.


Which makes this app perfect for different college students, If you are dealing with a hexadecimal problem, or you cannot remember what the square root of 168 is, you are able to use this calculator easily and accurately. Also, the main reason why so many people like this application is that in most cases it reduces the need for a huge scientific calculator, and it simply allows you to carry your iPhone.

When you are to college, you have a lot to worry about, but why not take good care of math for your iPhone Belfry SciCalc?

Conclusion: These applications are very useful in my opinion. These 2 applications should be used by all iPhone users. Time should be used to keep things focused and to focus on reading.

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