What is a Framework in Programming?

What is a Framework in Programming?


Let’s say, You want to build a 10 storey building. I gave the engineer two options. First, you gave him a plot and told him to build a ten-storey building. And second, you gave him the structure of a ten-story building where¬† already there is built up to the third floor. Which would be the best option for an engineer ??

The second one, of course. Although at first it is possible to use your thoughts and imagination, the biggest problem is that the engineer must be proficient enough, because if he makes a mistake in the beginning, the entire building can collapse.

In this case the second option is better. As I have said before, Strong structures that have sufficient extensibility and credibility.

Likewise, the framework is a collection of ready-made classes and interfaces through which we can develop specific types of applications. It is a collection of program that we can use to develop our own applications. Simply, a framework is pre-written code library that is designed to be used by developers.


What is platform?

The platform is an environment through which we can develop and execute various software applications. There are two types of platforms :

1. Development Platform

Development Platform is the type of platform where applications are developed. Where programmers and developers write their code is called a development platform.

2. Production platform

When the application is processing and ready for the release, the target machine becomes ready for the purpose of the environment in which it works on live data, live input, live output, and the environment is called production platform.


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