Best Way to Hide File Using Safe Calculator

We everybody know the function of using a calculator. A calculator is used for solving arithmetical or critical algebra solution. Scientific calculator can be used for multipurpose task. For Banking and money transfer calculator is must.

  But do you ever use calculator for hide files? I had given few post for hiding files or folder. We need to hide or store our important document for safety. You know if we hide files without using any reasonable protected software then its very easy to find the file. Because you know now a days using strong third party software can be unlock any hiding file very easily.

So if you are looking for how to hide or store file in more secure places, probably this post will mitigate your wish. Why you will hide file inside calculator? Most of the people think calculator is used for only solving math but here you will use calculator not only for hide files but also for basic calculation task.
Which calculator you will need to use this task? The name of this calculator is safe calculator.

How to use safe calculator for hiding any file?

Its a portable tools. So just download the zip file and extract it into any places where you want to keep it . Lets say you keep it in desktop so after extract  just click on the cal program. Calculator will open. Now key in the default security pin is 123  and press MS. The program will change to safe mood. Now press + and = select file which you want to hide or store. It can store only one file. For hiding more than one file you have to compress the file in zip format. Then select store. For unlock the file or restoring just press – then = . While completing above process the calculator program will vanish for a second.  To use calculator in normal mode just press MC .You can store any kinds of file but for larger size of file better you use folder locker.You can change the pin code in safe mode. This is very important to remember the pin code. While you will enter the calculator in safe mode the pin is need to key in. This is a funny way to hide any file. I hope you will enjoy this program. For more info or help option press f1.
Size:406 kb
Support: All windows OS
Download Link: Safe calculator

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